I moved to China in 2010, following several visits, first in 2007, then twice in 2008. I admit it, like many drawn to this land of adventure, I fell in love with its people. I had an understanding of some of the human rights issues below the surface of this friendly country, but had a lot to learn about how these complex issues played out.

I still remember the meal I shared with a veteran expat, himself an Asian American, as he explained China and its current environment, as well as eerily accurate predictions about the future of Chinese society…

Do you remember the movie Minority Report? Directed by Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, it was unsurprisingly highly entertaining, made more so by the ethical questions it featured. The film was based on a short story by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, and the movie version visualized the implications of certain ideological conclusions in a striking manner.

While this plot revolved around the envisioned future world in the year 2054, a world in which a division known as “pre-crime” can arrest people for crimes that they are predicted to commit. As one character in the film points out, “it’s…

The image of America as a “city on a hill” is not a new one . While the origin of that phrase is in itself troubling for the mere fact of its naivete concerning human nature, we ought to be reminded as citizens of the United States, and in fact, global citizens, of the reality that certain sins are not equal. The truth of the U.S.’s existence as a city on a hill lies in the reality of comparative paradise. …

Julie Millsap-Liu

Bicultural, bilingual family. Lived for ten years in China, married to a Chinese husband, and committed to ending the atrocities carried out by the CCP

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